Accepting truth.

Sorting through illusion is so interesting and annoyingly abstract… the waxing and waning, the attachments and aversions, the realization of mind, the deliquesce of ego. Because once to start, you cant stop.

It pulls at your heart center, it tightens with every heartbeat like a patient snake. It whispers to you from somewhere at the edges of self right before you fall asleep.

And then you start to see the shadows of your own veils..

There´s this panicked sense of certainty, as if you´ve been on respiratory support your whole life…and then coming to the conclusion that you don´t need the wires and the beeping and the trachea held open with medical grade plastic.

You´ve reviewed the medical records.

You´ve asked for a 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th and 8th opinion.

It all agrees, this has been completely unnecessary.

Now, time to pull the tubes out, and no one can help you do it.

Note to self on facebook. February 2014


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